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Brandon Broadwater


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Brandon Broadwater teaches about Prosperity Principles called Higher Laws. He has a flagship event called 'The Answer to Everything' Live 3 Day Event as a transformational platform for people to forever change their lives. Many people have done so because they empower their lives with principles, that are Higher Laws, in which they can base their daily decisions. He also created the Abundance Game as a human training tool to provide financial education and principle centered empowerment.
People worldwide have joined Brandon in the mission to teach universal principles through finance. Brandon currently offers his teachings by live events, audio programs, online media, and The Abundance Game. The Abundance Game has received an enthusiastic worldwide response because it combines both education for Financial Success and Prosperity Principles in a way that greatly empowers each player's life. Through involvement with Higher Laws live events and The Abundance Game, many people say their lives have never been the same.

Brandon has stated, "The great impact in people's lives from the Higher Laws® Company, The Abundance® Game, and especially The Answer to Everything™ Live Event have little to do with me as an individual, because I am only teaching the financial and spiritual arithmetic that comes from unchanging principles that are something much bigger than myself. In other words, it's not about me... That's why it's so powerful... That's why everybody can do it!"


About the company

For over ten years, Brandon Broadwater has been an inspiration to people all over the world.

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